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About Us

Stonify is about keeping you tagged in the role of defining fashionable homes and advanced workspaces.
We supply pre-fabricated quartz counter-tops to businesses and support them to help people get best of Quartz sourcing solutions for building countertops, tabletops, kitchen tops, vanity tops, worktops and everything that exists in the league.


Stonify, as it goes!

We are a seasoned unit made of a group of keen hand-picked industry people with expansive reach across the U.S. market. Our professionals possess the best of know-how having being served for years in stone quarries, fabrication facilities, and retail storefronts.
As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the niche, our role is to not only create best of Quartz experience but to keep the loop sourced and served well with the latest technology and innovative practices. Which also, in turn, keeps us well ahead in the functional curve in the domain of stone furnishing.

What do we exist in the industry for?

At Stonify, we aim at delivering significant product value bringing in the best of equipment, techniques, and quality assurance practices into the process. Which is made possible by bringing in finest of crushed quartz, resins, and pigments to create the best of stone supplies? And of course, this takes a grand shape with the fine element of execution inducted throughout, which is at the core of everything we do.

How we are different?

The part that keeps us ahead of our competitors is the fact that while we do all this we ensure that the production and supply system follow clinical standards and maintain end-to-end consistency.

At Stonify, we are always looking for the next best step to enhance people’s experience with beautification and utility enhancement of their home and offices. We believe that is only possible if you aim and control quality right from the start and attend them well in the course of processing and execution, keeping them aligned with the end user needs. And that’s what makes us different. Makes us Stonify!

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